Open a new scene, and create a Biped.

You don't have to resize bones.

Select [Load Motion Capture File] in the Biped motion capture tool.

Select [Biovision file (*.BVH)] in [Files of type], then open your bvh file.

The number of keys can be decreased in [Motion Capture Conversion Parameter] dialog.

Click [OK] without changing default settings.

Save this animation as a .BIP file.

Now, open a new 3ds max scene.

Select the Biped, and access the Biped motion capture tool.

Then load a .BIP file.

1. Start MotionBuilder. Select [File]->[Import].

2. In [Import Files] dialog, choose your c3d file.

3. [Import Options] window will be opened. Configure options as shown below.

4. Without any errors, markers will appear in the viewer window.

5. That's it.